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Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramics as Heat Exchange Media
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Product: Views:265Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramics as Heat Exchange Media 
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Last updated: 2017-11-26 14:03
cordierite honeycomb ceramics as heat exchange media

The ceramic honeycomb as heat exchange media mainly applied on thermal equipment for energy saving within industry. Typically in heat recovery unit of RTO, instead of ceramic saddles With low heat expansion coefficient, large surface area, good heat stability and anticorrosion, it is the key and core componets of regenerative high temperature combustion(HTAC technology)

Honeycomb ceramic is mainly used in metallurgy, tower packing in chemical industry, construction, heat-regenerative and high temperature air purification, industrial waste gas treatment, NOX purified system in firepower plant, pufrified system for harmful gas rising from rubbish burning and poinsonous gas purification in chemical and mining industries, acting as filter and catalyst carrier used in foundry process.
Honeycomb ceramic regenerators enhance efficiency, save energy, increase output and improve quality, an important and effective measure when dealing with energy and the environment.
They are applied on the thermal equipment of energy saving within industry. The pores of the Honeycomb ceramic regenerators are square and hexagonal, and the channels of pores are straight and parallel to each other. This structure reduces the resistance of passing air and enhances the heat exchange efficiency of every channel.
Components and Specifications
Material: Cordierite, mullite, silica, corundum mullite and others according to our clients requirements; we produce the products to different specifications(dimension and channel shape).
Specifications: 100*100*100,100*150*150,150*150*150,50*150*300mm and others
Hole count: 25*25,40*40,3*43,50*50,60*60 and others.
Hole shapes: square, rectangle,rotundity, triangle,hexagon and others.

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Chemical Composition % by Weight
SiO2 60
Al2O3 33
Fe2O3 < 1
CaO 1-2
K2O &plus; Na2O 2-4
Index Metric Unit Value British Unit Value
Material Density g&sol;cm 3 2&period;3~2&period;6 lb&sol;ft 3 151
Average Linear Expansion&lpar;20-800&rpar; 10-6&sol;k -1 < 2&period;5

Specific Heat Capacity KJ&sol;Kg 900~1200

Heat Conductivity W&sol;MK 1&period;8~3

Maximum Application Temp&period; ° C 1350 ° F 2450
Acid resist&period; strength wt&period; loss &percnt; < 4

Water Absorption &percnt; < 5


&lpar;m 2 &sol;m 3 &rpar;
Void section &lpar;&percnt;&rpar; Packaging density
&lpar;kg&sol; m 3 &rpar;
Weight per piece &lpar;kg&rpar;
150× 150× 300 25× 25 1&period;0 4&period;96 580 68 696 4&period;7
150× 150× 300 40× 40 0&period;7 3&period;03 891 65 814 5&period;5
150× 150× 300 50× 50 0&period;6 2&period;39 1090 63 903 6&period;1
150× 150× 300 60× 60 0&period;5 1&period;99 1303 63 932 6&period;3
150x100x100 40× 40 1 2&period;5 784 49 799 1&period;2
150x100x100 33x33 1&period;1 3&period;0 691 52 750 1&period;13
150x100x100 20x20 2&period;0 5&period;0 392 49 692 1&period;04
100x100x100 40x40 1&period;0 2&period;5 784 49 810 0&period;81
100x100x100 33x33 1&period;1 3&period;0 691 52 750 0&period;75
100x100x100 20x20 2&period;0 5&period;0 392 49 680 0&period;68
Other shapes&comma; specification and material are available&period;